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  1. Loved it. Great chocolate base with a silky smooth melt, till you meet the very finely grainy textured Alice Chocolate that evolves into a well balanced sweetness. Hard to pinpoint the taste, but most reminds me of very dark raisins or slow long roasted plum jam. I wasn’t fully sure that it would, but it does help me with focusing on tasks at hand. A square just before my tasks tends to help me start working. It’s not a magic pill, it still takes effort to start, but it’s just that tiny bit easier and in the end I do get more stuff done.

  2. Absolutely stunning, exactly what I needed

  3. 2nd time I’ve bought these, will buy again, really great product

  4. Wonderful fragrance, and was even given two free samples which were both amazing. Definitely will be buying more! Thank you!!

  5. Quality product and really speedy delivery